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Theists do not have a rational argument for the existence of their god, let alone the condemnation of the LGBT community as justified through their god or their manmade doctrine. This topic highlights the ongoing irrationality and destructive worldview of theists and the ways in which religious leaders and followers are unhelpful when it comes to enhancing our resolution of reality and are roadblocks in the progression of our personal freedoms. Here you will also find posts that showcase the ideas of current thought leaders in their pursuit to fight back against unfounded beliefs and illogical ways of thinking.

Documentary: Missionaries of Hate

Correspondent Mariana van Zeller travels to Uganda, where many question whether the growing influence of American religious groups has led to a movement to make homosexuality a crime punishable by death.

As an anti-gay movement spreads across the continent, gay Africans and their families face an increasingly uncertain future of isolation, imprisonment or even execution.

The film makes it much easier to understand why the general Ugandan public is so eager to send their peers to jail. If the most prominent spiritual leader in your community made it his life purpose to convince you that there were people coming to eat your poop and recruit your children, you would be against them too. They are only hearing one side of the story and it is the origin of their information that is truly infuriating.

Although Ugandan leaders are deeply offended by the notion, the facts definitively show that American evangelists have played a central role in defining the nation’s hard line against sexual minorities. The documentary focuses on American evangelist Dr. Scott Lively, who is widely credited with installing the dominant notion that homosexuals are after your children.

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Poll Shows Religious Opposed to Gay Marriage on Both Sides of the Aisle

A recent Washington Post poll seems to provide more evidence for the link between religious identity and opposition to gay marriage (as if we needed more). Republicans in general of course take the cake with Tea Party affiliates off the charts in opposition to gay marriage, as expected, along with Republican Pro-government Conservatives and Republican Religious Values Voters. But it is interesting to note that religion likely also twists the arms of Democrats when it comes to bigoted views on social issues: “God and Government” Democrats are much more opposed to gay marriage than their “Agnostic” and “Urban” counterparts.

And if you’re wondering what a “D.I.Y.” Democrat is, here’s a nice summary of all the classifications used in the poll.

Q: Do you think it should be LEGAL or ILLEGAL for gay and lesbian couples to get married?

…And What if I’m Wrong?

Raising the question, “What if I’m wrong?,” can be an immediate stumbling block for a Christian in contemplating the very idea that there might not be a God. This short video by Scott Clifton takes a pass at easing those fears by suggesting a set of thought provoking scenarios that might play out upon meeting God if he actually were to exist.

Homosexuality, Sin, and the Bible as an Infallible Source for Moral Guidance

Many who have run across this graphic in the past few days see it a s a great demonstration as to why Christians are wrong to classify homosexuality as a sin. Rather, this graphic is more powerful in demonstrating how easily Christians can interpret the Bible in any way they see fit whilst proclaiming it to be the objective, infallible source for moral guidance. Take a look.

Eagle Scout Steven Colella Rescinds Status over Gay Members Policy


Becoming an Eagle Scout is no easy task, and a rare one at that. Only about 4 percent of Boy Scouts achieve the high status.

In response the organization’s controversial stance on allowing gay people to serve as leaders or join the group, though, some of these high-ranking members are giving up their status.

Becoming an Eagle Scout was one of the happiest days of Steven Colella’s life. Since he was 5 years old, he wanted to be one. Now, though, as a gay man, he made the difficult decision to give back a medal he worked most of his life for.

In response to the Boy Scouts’ reaffirmation to ban openly gay members, the 23-year-old Frederick resident decided to relinquish his status.

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