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Pat Robertson: Did molestation or movies make your daughter a lesbian?

Another day, another bat-shit crazy televangelist. I know these come a dime a dozen, and that a majority of people listening to Pat Robertson’s remarks would be appalled, but I find it worthwhile to call out this blatant ignorance. After all, it could only result in making these extreme religious viewpoints look more ridiculous to more people, which can only be a good thing.

This week, Pat Robertson had some serious advice to give to a concerned mother of a twenty-one year old woman who announced she was in a lesbian relationship. “(She) was always very feminine. This came out of nowhere!” wrote the concerned parent. Naturally, Robertson had some interesting words for this mother, which aligned perfectly with his history of total ignorance and idiocy. “I think she needs somebody to help her get her identity straight,” Robertson offered. “She may not be right in this. She may have thought she had a crush on some older girl along the way and that she is actually homosexual when she is not. I don’t know… The whole question of sexuality identity has gotten so blurred in the press these days it’s hard to know… but why is she that way? Was she molested when she was younger?”

It was at this point that the interviewer chimed in with “… Sometimes just in the world today, you know they’re telling kids to explore. It’s crazy.”

Robertson continued: “Girl on girl movies, more and more… They’re getting straight actors to play lesbians and straight men to play homosexuals. And if you say anything against homosexuality, you are just hooted out of court. But I do think you need to love your daughter and give her a chance to work this out. Because if she is deeper and deeper in it, sooner or later she’s gonna be disillusioned and she’s gonna say ‘This is wrong and I want to come out of it.’”

This is not the first time we’ve heard Pat Robertson weigh-in on homosexuality. In 2009, a similar question was asked by the parents of a gay son. “First of all, I’m not at all persuaded that so-called homosexuals are homosexuals because of biological problems,” Robertson stated. “There may be a very few, but there’s so many that have been made homosexual because of a coach or a guidance counselor, or some other male figure who may have abused them, and they think there’s something wrong with their sexuality.” Robertson went on to suggest that the parents continue to love their son because “Well, I mean, if somebody’s on their way to hell, they’ll… I mean, you’ve got to love them to rescue them.”

What we see here is a classic example of one’s religion enabling them to ignore logic and instead spew hate-speech that they deem holy. This is the same man who has called the separation of church and state “insane,” has repeatedly claimed that natural disasters were god’s punishment for various things including abortion, and has claimed that all non-Christian religions worship “demonic powers.” This man also claimed that Mitt Romney would win the 2012 Presidential election because “the lord told him.”

It seems as though whatever lord Pat Robertson is speaking with seems to continuously get it wrong, doesn’t it?

In the same sense that religious extremists don’t need to justify their belief system to me, I find it absolutely unnecessary to justify my homosexuality to anybody. Especially when we are looking at the dichotomy and the logical fallacies that exist so prominently in their arguments. Robertson states “(Your twenty-one year old daughter) may have thought she had a crush on some older girl along the way and that she is actually homosexual when she is not…”

First of all, I find it interesting that Robertson inferred that the young woman had a crush on an “older girl.” At no point was it ever even implied that the young woman was dating or wanting to date an older woman. Secondly, I am hearing more and more about these Christian conservatives acknowledging homosexuality and claiming acceptance, except when it comes to their own family. Maybe she thinks she is actually homosexual when she is not? That implies that there is a group of people who are “actually homosexual,” but god forbid it be your daughter. No – your daughter, who was brought up in the church, knows better and is exempt from potentially being homosexual because her religion forbids it.

As for his claim that there are more and more “girl on girl movies” and that “they’re getting straight actors to play lesbians and straight men to play homosexuals,” that is correct. Homosexuality is a real thing that is being depicted as a real thing in our media. If the media had any effect on sexual orientation, then I suppose there is no question that myself and every other gay person would have grown up straight, considering there has been heterosexuality expressed in every single movie since the beginning of time, right?

Finally, the absurd falsehood that homosexuals must have been sexually abused is entirely unfounded. In fact, each single study done on the matter has concluded that there seems to be no greater incidence of sexual abuse in the LGBT community. I’m sure this is what the lord would want you to do, however. Find a way to link homosexuality to perversion. How wonderfully Christian of you.

Is anybody else growing entirely weary of heterosexual crazies offering their opinions on homosexuality? We’ve established they are as off-base as everything else that comes out of their mouths. I find, personally, that watching the slow, painful death of this glorified bigotry is actually quite entertaining.

The difference between “gay” and “straight” relationships

Gay wedding bandsSocial media was buzzing last night over Jodie Foster’s Golden Globes acceptance speech in which she supposedly outed herself as a lesbian. I say “supposedly” because for many of us that’s old news. The actress has always been cagey about her private life, but as early as 2007 she was referring to her then-partner of 15 years, Cydney Bernard (who she left for writer/producer Cynthia Mort in 2008). So it’s not like it was a big secret.

Secret Gay Identities

Today actor Victor Garber (“ALIAS” and “Argo”) announced that not only is he gay but he’s been with his partner, artist Rainer Andreesen, for thirteen years. Garber is also quiet about his personal life and said that he doesn’t really talk about it, “but everybody knows.”

This is reminiscent of when Anderson Cooper finally came out this past July, and we learned what we already knew about his relationship with Benjamin Maisani. The two have been together since 2009.

What I found most curious about both announcements was that both couples were said to be “dating.” I’m not sure what world these writers are in, but if you’ve been with the same person for more than a couple of years, you’re not “dating.” You’re a piece of paper away from being legally married. I know heterosexual couples whose relationships haven’t lasted as long as Cooper and Maisani’s.

The Emperor Is Naked

The uncomfortable fact is that for as accepting as our society is finally becoming of the LGBT community, there’s still a fundamental disparity between how our relationships are perceived. Gays casually date and have fleeting relationships. Heterosexuals get married and have stable families. So it’s schizophrenic to see a couple who has been together for thirteen years described as “dating,” as if tomorrow Rainer could leave Victor for some cute young twink he ran into down at the local gay bar.

It’s disappointing but not surprising then to see the media pretending not to squirm when talking about same-sex couples. Nobody wants to say it. Marching orders and talking points are marriage equality and pro-gay rights. But deep down, the people who run the networks and sign off on the headlines seem uncomfortable with the idea of two men or two women in a loving and committed relationship. And they seem to think the majority of Americans will be uncomfortable with it too, and stop watching and reading.

How ironic then that it was ESPN who recently referred to the man Scott Norton kissed on the air as his husband, and not “partner” or “boyfriend.”

Stop Seeing “Gay”

There are no “gay” couples. There’s no such thing as “gay” love or “gay” marriage. We need to stop seeing sexuality as a society, just as we’re trying to stop seeing race and gender. Until news media portrayals of same-sex couples align with the message that love (and not gender) makes a marriage, it will be that much harder for the majority of Americans to stop seeing us as “gay” and embrace us as “neighbors.”