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    First, I’d like to say I’m new to this community, and I kind of like the idea for this. It’s nice to meet you guys lol.

    Anyway, I feel like, as far as religion is concerned, I’m either a skeptic or barely Christian. My entire family, though, are strong believers (and don’t really like gays), with my grandfather being a pastor.
    Now, I don’t know what to identify as when it comes to religion, because i feel like my values swing between atheism and christianity. For instance, I believe in not being a dick to others, and instead, loving them. But I don’t really believe there’s an entity up in the sky waiting to judge my sins when i die, let alone my dead friends (when their deaths come, I mean). Jesus was kind to others, even to the people he knew were gonna kill him and shit, and, to an extent, I try to be nice to people like that, like he was. And I feel that certain characters (I haven’t read the whole bible) are supposed to serve as lessons, in a way. I just don’t believe that any of it actually happened for real.

    I just don’t know what this makes me. I’m not here for debate or anything, I just want to know if you guys either know people like this or what this kind of thing would be called.

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    Jimmy, welcome and thanks for the post. I would suggest that atheism has little to do with values and is better thought of as a non-belief in gods. Values come from our species’ millennia of trial and error, and the more we learn about the world and the human condition, the more apt we are at honing our morals and values in a way that reduces suffering for more people the world over. Christianity and other religions, by contrast, are static. They don’t evolve moral concepts because the are bound by doctrine. Or I should say they don’t lead the charge when it comes to elaborating our moral codes (notice how they always eventually catch up to secular movements in this regard). Not only that, religions tend to slow our understanding of the world by resisting science and skepticism, thus slowing our moral progress.

    If you don’t believe in God, you’re an atheist. If you don’t believe in being a dick to people, you’re a humanist. Christianity doesn’t teach us anything we didn’t already know when it comes to being good people.

    Hope that helps.


    As a humanist/free-thinker I find this “If you don’t believe in being a dick to people, you’re a humanist” a great description >.<

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    Jacob van Tienen

    Welcome to GWOG! I am a new member myself.
    You must know that, even if Christianity preaches certain values that you yourself stand alongside with, it doesn’t mean you have to call yourself on/recognise as one because of this. Many religions have the same core values, and if you recognise with one, you do also with many others because of this.
    You have rights to believe in a religion and not be just for it; everyone is allowed to have faith or belief in whatever they want if they so choose to.
    Ultimately, however, you don’t need to feel like you’re being forced into Christianity because of your family. With research and knowledge on topics of religion (as I did when I was younger) I started to find holes in my faith, and in time it dissolved to what it is now. Knowledge, not faith, is the true power here.
    The Holy Bible is little more than stories or writings of ancient peoples to teach morals and what was to be followed at the time. People nowadays take the homosexuality-is-a-sin moral from Books of the Bible nowadays as gospel, while ignoring others. If you see holes in one part of the Bible, question the rest, continue pursuing your inquisitiveness and discover the truth for yourself! Never let other people tell you what to believe. 🙂

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