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    As a rational-minded person I think that it is time to dispel the belief that by saying something is gay, we should be offended. I guess the best way for me to explain my side is by showing you guys one of my videos where I talk about this. Let me know what you think. I have a problem with holding a victim mentality personally.

    My video-

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    Hey Owen, nice video. You might be interested in this previous topic: “What’s the big deal with ‘that’s so gay'”:


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    I used to say ‘That is so gay’ ALL the time!

    And said it for both that is so gay and that is so gaaaay. great when able to be used so freely. There was a small minority that kicked up a stink. And then a full on war broke out between the underdeveloped religious enthusiasts and a stitch, time and the underbelly of reality.

    When I TRULY used that word or phrase, and I am northerner, so we latch on to words, sometimes seasonally, when I truly used that word, it fit. At one point in time (possibly within an enlarged black hole) the word ‘gay’, pretty much described everything in our lives (and there are seriously no innuendos in this paragraph). I didn’t request or vote to stop using it!

    Sometimes one THAT’S SO GAY slips out whilst amongst the wrong crowd; sometimes a very displaced, judgmental tone quickly surrounds you, like a curse of pins and needles or sometimes, you know it’s just time to get your coat and walk home with a bottle of expensive tequila. oops! HOWEVER, The Spirit of choice is… (no not Jesus), you ARE gay!

    So you just say… Oh I am gay. Followed by whichever expression you wish to get a reaction out of. If you can be arsed to actually explain yourself… possibly a personalised addition of… ‘also an atheist’ (you may become a token of everything at some point), ‘I’m gonna get soooo punished in hell’ or ‘don’t worry, I’m onfess after practice’ (obviously last one… no multiple-choice expressions… just go for pure sex wink).

    I just need to put some perspective on to this situation… I’m hoping this is the right audience.

    Most of the people media-rising the ‘points of view of the gay tribesmen’ think the term is deeply offensive to us ‘gays’. Is it banned from ‘public domains’. A percentage of the enforcers and pushers WERE, and still are, people who believe in fairy-tales and archaic dogmas.

    But that’s fine.

    Let’s be honest, our need for language has changed so vastly in the last thirty years. And unfortunately, just as a lot of press coverage tends to do… the impetus was spinning heavily on the edge of the media for a long time, holding a thread bearing… its not about the word gay. It has never been about persecuting others for their faults.

    I know, let us encourage diversity, a different perspective upon life, possibly open minds, soften boundaries. gain perspectives? (It’s craaaaazy!!!) I think raising the issue about the use of the word gay, although it made some positive coverage, it’s the equivalent of rubbing rat-poison in someone’s eye and hoping they don’t lash out in some way.

    When ‘that’s so gay’ or ‘gaaaay’ left my lips I knew what it meant exactly. It meant what it meant. It was the funnier lame revival of the naughties. It was something around a vague sense of stuperidity. And we even won some of the ‘I don’t really know what this means but i’m bored with saying ‘shit’ OR it’s vaguely related to them dirty fags’ votes.

    And as all good satirical impressions end… my parent’s renditions were dearly ignored.

    NOW the phrase does sometimes makes me blush. It’s just the wrong corner of the sheet of stupidity to be tugging at.

    I don’t believe in many of the architextures we hold within the makeup of our perception. When I said ‘that is so gay. or just gaaaaaay. or pure gay… I didn’t think ‘gays’, anything gay; nothing in that region. not even a semi. (However it was funny if it actually was related to something gay as well).

    In fact during the whole media debate about the use of the word from in the workplace, locally in schools, in to some bullying topics, me and my cousin would have at times shouted out a really overly-camp gay ‘gaaaay’ outburst if something was ACTUALLY ‘gay’ as well! just because it was hilariously apt 🙂

    Imagine if it was a taboo and slipped out during sex. Jesus (not to offend any Christians obv – as explained in the next verse) Well. Like most gays… you need a condom popping up on your screen when you log in to our website and win points. because that’s your reality?

    But I do laugh so hard when people get the awkward scrunched up face after saying it in front of me. ha! (I don’t really say it now, unless with people I know well, because… I don’t want to offend the gays). Now I just say it in public when I think something’s really stereotypically, ‘media-gay’.

    So the point of this reply was to say…. gay has been used before anyway! transitioning to widely describe homosexuals or a culture. How about we bring it back as nothing to do with homosexuality?

    as “the revival of the lame naughties”.

    What we should be doing is concentrating our energies pn looking at the way our culture survives on a daily basis, and where we are headed as a planet. That would truly be a great leap of faith!!!

    I might go and practice saying that’s so gay in the mirror until I stop laughing.

    – But yeh anyways.

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    Interesting stuff! I had not yet seen that thread.

    As for the other commenter, that was very thought out. I can tell I’m gonna like this website

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    The intent, or at least the listener’s understanding of the speaker’s intent, is what seems most important to me. We can actually let ourselves become so easily offended that it becomes almost a joke and irresistible temptation to others to do just that. When “Gaaay!” is said in the same sense as “That’s sooo Takei!,” there’s nothing wrong with it. We can own it. There’s a big difference between “That’s so gay! I love it!” and “That’s so gay! Perve!” We should be prepared to respond according to the intent.

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    i find nothing wrong with it. they are just words after all.

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    Jacob van Tienen

    I have no issue with people using the phrase, “That’s so gay.” as long is there no inherent malice towards homosexual people. As with many other examples, words can change definitions over time in social and colloquial contexts. ‘Gay’ used to mean ‘happy’ (predominantly) many years ago, and now it has another definition to mean ‘homosexual’. Everything changes with time, everything moulds. The thing that we should not do is stay in the past or any period of time and try to stick the norms of that period in the present. There’s no place for old-fashioned views in any aspect of the new world!

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