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    Good evening, fellows,

    I’ve recently read a few recent (or somewhat recent) articles that have licited my interest. The theme was LGBT–or specifically “gay”–culture. More specifically, either how it is classified (as a culture rather than sub-culture of come kind.) I find it interesting how the norms of members of the culture change through exposure to the internet, tending to assimilate with the LGBT culture of the west (generally) and form a cohesive culture that exists around the world while maintaining a distinct independence otherwise.

    Anyone else notice this ? Any feelings of bi-culturalism or similar experiences? (Do you find these assertions unfounded, perhaps?)

    I’m doing research on the subject from the anthropology end, and just wondered how much interest in this topic there is, if any, and how much does it affect people? I only ask this here because the community seems to be closer associated with scientific interest than others I could pick. (I’m not going to use anyone’s response without their permission.)

    I look forward to what anyone thinks.

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    This might be more historical than you’re looking for, or maybe you’re looking more for the effects gay culture has on pop culture, but these two sources looked interesting to me:

    LGBT Thought and Culture

    I wanted to read this one, but it’s not free :/
    Queer is Here? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Histories and Public Culture

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    Many thanks, no information hurts after all. I tried to find a free way into that Oxford paper to which I could refer you, but nope. Sorry.

    I am definitely going to look at the other one.

    Generally I am looking for evidence (or lack of evidence…) that there is a separate culture to which LGBT, etc, people belong. As obvious as that may seem–at least to me (I assume to others among us, hopefully not inncorrectly), it was just made evident [to me] that the existence of such a culture is not obvious to individuals who do not live inside it.

    Imagine, maybe, the look of consternation on many people’s faces upon seeing Rupaul’s Drag Race for the first time. And then how it is kinda goofy and/or umm… unilluminating to others to whom it is not novel. Just for the sake of an example.


    You can see an even more recent internet based birth of a culture looking at how ‘furries’ have come into existence. Without the Internet it’s foreseeable this culture so-to-speak would not have existed without it.

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