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    okay i dont know if the links gonna work or not but it basically says that gay men have similar brain functions like that of women. whats your take on this. anyone. okay if the link doesnt work just copy and paste it.

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    That’s a very interesting article. I think more study needs to be done in this area, though. If this is proven by further studies, I’m sure it would help shut up the fundamentalist Christians who seem to think that sexuality is a lifestyle choice, though.


    I think it’s pretty established that the part of our brain responsible for sexual attraction or more precisely the sex of who we appraise as being sexually attractive is more similar to that of women in gay men. This shouldn’t be confused however with the notion of having a ‘female brain’. Different areas of the brain have a prevailing size concordant with the sex of the person they belong to in regards to their chromosomal make-up, however in a gay mans brain it is largely believed that what one would normally expect to see in an XX person regarding sexual preference ends up being in an XY, not as a disorder but rather natural variation that in our history has provided us with a selective advantage (Dunbar et al.)

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    I will say that I honestly agree with the article, I myself am let’s say less dominate but not femme. I myself tend to be more welcome when around women. I think that maybe its because I don’t threaten them. They know that I won’t try and sleep with them and it gives them a sense of security. Around straight guy they have to wonder if he is just trying to get in their pants and often I the same feel like a guy is just trying to get in my pants

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    Jacob van Tienen

    It’s kind of difficult to argue against the article when there is scientific evidence and research to support it. I will say, though, that I hope this goes on to show people that being homosexual/lesbian/other sexuality is not “a choice” but how you are as a person.
    Very interesting to read, I hope more research is done in the future to confirm the validity of this article.

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