Scientists have pinpointed where HIV originated

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One thought on “Scientists have pinpointed where HIV originated”

  1. I’m surprised/not surprised that this story hasn’t received more press. Of course, if it did, Christian bigots wouldn’t be able to keep calling HIV/AIDS “god’s punishment on teh gayz.”
    Radiolab aired a “patient zero” story in November 2011 that described what we now know about the early twentieth century origin of HIV.
    One wonders what the reaction to the virus might have been if a group other than gay men had initially been affected, and if there would’ve been so little genuine concern if religious conservatives hadn’t driven the cultural narrative about HIV/AIDS. During some of the White House press conferences of the Reagan administration from 1982-1984, they literally treated gay men dying as a joke. (For real. Reagan’s press secretary, Larry Speakes, thought AIDS was hilarious.) If rich heterosexual white men had started getting sick, we’d almost certainly have a vaccine or effective treatment by now.

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